Check-in is an opportunity for your Team to connect with 3-4 Mentors from Industry. Share the story of your journey so far and share what is next for your team and your project. Your Mentors will then give you valuable feedback & guidance online to support you as you start to develop your B!G Idea.

Let us know your team details

Handy Hint: Decide on your Team Name. Your team name is important as it is how we will share your project with your mentors and your teachers. Your Team Name will be displayed on your B!G Idea project in the final exhibition.
Handy Hint: Your team lead is the person responsible for uploading your team Check-in and your team’s final project submission.
Handy Hint: Fill in the names of all the members on your team, adding a new name on each line.

Your School or Youthreach Centre

The easy bit, just select your School or Youthreach Centre from the drop down list. Let us know your Teacher’s /Coordinators’ full name and their email address. Your mentor's feedback will be sent to this email so please make sure to check that the email address is correct and they can then share the feedback with you.

Handy Hint - Double check that this is the correct email.

Your all important Check-in

Here we go! Time to check in with your superstar mentors. It’s really easy, let us know a few details, copy and paste in your responses . All six questions are included in your Week 5 workshop presentation. As a team you can work through each question together in a shared document and then copy and paste your responses into each question box. You can then scroll up and down to read through and view all your responses.

Handy Hint: We know it is early days but if you can select one category from the list below as this will help us match your project with mentors who specialise in certain areas or have a specific skill set to match your project.

Check In Questions

Keep it brief and think how best to explain your thinking.

Image Upload

As a team, you might like to upload an image to support your idea and your thinking. The image could show initial sketches, models, diagrams or empathy maps, anything that helps to communicate your thinking and decisions to your Mentors.

Image Guidelines

Please upload in Portrait format. Maximum file size is 5MB.

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Handy Hint: Photograph or scan the image in Portrait or Vertical format, save as a JPEG and upload. MAX FILE SIZE: 5MB).

Evaluation Questions - We want to hear from you too!

To help improve The B!G Idea we would love to capture your thoughts on the following three short questions and make sure your responses represent the views of all your team members. A team lead can represent all your views.

Good to go?

Brilliant! Well done! It always helps to have one final check that you're happy with everything! Once you're smiling, just press submit!