Key Dates

Check out our timeline of key activity for you and your B!G Mentor team, so you can see what’s coming up and block out the dates in your diary!

10th May 2024

The B!G Idea Showcase

This week! Can't make it in-person then 11AM to 12PM we go Live online

2nd April 2024

B!G Partner Webpage is Live!

Showcasing industry and academic partners! Features your logo and inspirational quote on our most visited webpage.

10th April 2024

B!G Idea Partner Announcements

Drumroll please! We'll be shouting loud and proud about our partners' support on all of our social media channels. Starting on 10th April with our Challenge Champions!

18th April 2024

Judging Kick-off Session (Online)

Optional session for mentors to connect with fellow mentors and make sure they are up to speed on what they need to do for their Final Projects and The B!G Showcase. 1-2pm

Social Media Focus - Partners and Mentors

Let's focus our collective content, visuals and marketing in March and April and make some noise on social media!

16th April 2024

Final Feedback from Mentors for Judging

16th April - May 6th

12th February 2024

Meet Your Teams (Activity 1)

New for 2024! Meet your assigned teams and introduce yourself. Your chance to encourage students as they start their B!G journey. On your dashboard Wk of 12th Feb

29th February 2024

Mentor Kick-off Session

An optional session to update you on student progress and what to expect for the Student Idea Check-In Phase/ Mentoring Window. 1-2pm

5th March 2024

Mentor Feedback Window - Student Idea Check-in

March/April The timings of this are currently a bit flexible as schools continue to submit their ideas. Wrapping up soon!