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Our Idea

Why did your team choose to focus on this challenge?

Our group is worried about how our planet will be in the future if we don't change the way we are living soon so we wanted to try make an impact even if it's small. We know that now it's going to be our responsibly and not the generations before us.

What have you learned about the challenge that you didn't know before?

We learned a lot of people do want to try fight against climate change, they just don't know how. We also found percentages against climate change like 91% of plastic isn't correctly recycled and Ireland generated around 1.84 million tons of household waste and 25,000 tones was unmanaged

Outline the specific problem you would like to solve for your Hero and two or three solutions you think would help.

Our heros problem is that she is unsure what her future planet will be like if humanity continues this way. Our solution is an app based off a reward system. People are more likely to try if they get something in return, we have 2 sections one for adults and one for children, for adults the app has challenges for users to complete that help stop climate change like using public transport 5 times instead of driving. When they complete a challenge, they get points. The points go towards them winning a voucher we get from sponsors. For children they can sign up with their school where there is a leaderboard within their class to see who gets the most points from completing challenges which are easier than the adults challenges and while doing this, the points help them grow trees in the app so they build a garden. There will also be a resource page to different places you can donate clothes and recycle

Ask your Mentor anything.

Do you think our idea is good? Would you use the app? What would you add if you were to use the app?

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