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Our Idea

Why did your team choose to focus on this challenge?

We decided to focus on this challenge as we feel as mental health is a big problem in the teenagers of our generation because of the use and rise of social media which influences young people into unrealistic standards and causes unnecessary stress on the person's mind. We will be focusing mainly on drug/substance abuse and how it affects teenagers in Ireland.

What have you learned about the challenge that you didn't know before?

Certain substances can cause people with an addiction to experience one or more symptoms of a mental health problem. Mental health problems can sometimes lead to alcohol or drug use, as some people with a mental health problem may misuse these substances as a form of self-medication.

Outline the specific problem you would like to solve for your Hero and two or three solutions you think would help.

We will be mainly focusing on drug abuse and how mental health can factor into drug abuse within teenagers in Ireland. Some of the solutions we have thought of so far are a website mainly focused on support for teenagers that struggle with mental health and drug abuse or substance abuse. We also thought about opening a rehab centre in dublin for teenagers that struggle, it would be a safe space and free. It would offer them a place to stay if necessary and people they could talk to to help them.

Ask your Mentor anything.

Do you by any chance have experience with the problems of mental health during your adolescence, and if you have and don't mind could you explain which problems and if they are still occurring or how you have overcome this issue? Please only answer if you are comfortable!

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