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Our Idea

Why did your team choose to focus on this challenge?

We chose to focus on this challenge as it is extremely relevant in society at the moment. People are struggling to pay rent, bills and meet their daily needs. Inflation is at an all time high and you only need to turn on the news to hear more about it.

What have you learned about the challenge that you didn't know before?

Electricity bills in Ireland are double that of other European countries. We also learned that it can impact everyone and have a detrimental impact on various aspects of their life such as emotional and physical health, their relationships and their education.

Outline the specific problem you would like to solve for your Hero and two or three solutions you think would help.

Problem: Not being able to afford healthy meals. Possible Solutions: 1. Food Service for college students 2. App that provides recipes based on food you have at home 3. Space to prepare and cook healthy meals

Ask your Mentor anything.

Which is your favourite solution and would you make any changes?

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