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Our Idea

Why did your team choose to focus on this challenge?

 Our team chose to focus on this challenge because mental health has affected or will affect nearly everybody. Another reason we chose to focus on this challenge is because we know of people with mental health issues.

What have you learned about the challenge that you didn't know before?

 Our empathy map helped us realise how many ways people struggle with mental health & what you see and hear can really affect you and others negatively.

Outline the specific problem you would like to solve for your Hero and two or three solutions you think would help.

 Our Hero has high stress and anxiety because of the leaving cert, college and money etc. Our solution is an app that has daily check ins on how you’re feeling, tips on how to deal with stress and you can talk to people dealing with the same stuff as you.  If we could improve just one thing for our Hero, we would hope she doesn’t put so much stress on herself about achieving certain goals.

Ask your Mentor anything.

 We are finding it difficult to come up with an original idea that hasn't already been done, can you help us find inspiration?

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