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Our Idea

Why did your team choose to focus on this challenge?

We chose to focus on AI as it is progressing drastically and will become an Integral part of our future.

What have you learned about the challenge that you didn't know before?

A challenge that we may face that I didn't know is that AI can be dangerous in faking things that ruin peoples lives if the wrong people get their hands on it.

Outline the specific problem you would like to solve for your Hero and two or three solutions you think would help.

The problem we would like to solve is how make AI more identifiable. We can do this by putting inserting a mark into everything AI generated to discern whether something is AI or not. You could also put restrictions on something AI generated to restrict what that AI can do and produce.

Ask your Mentor anything.

What do you think think about our idea and have you any thoughts on what we could add to help solve our specific problem.

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