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Our Idea

Why did your team choose to focus on this challenge?

1a.we were interested in the challenge when we found out about how bad men's mental health has gotten over the years. 1b.No nobody in our group has a personal experience related to mental health. 1c.yes our group was already interested in this challenge after seeing lots of people all over social media and how it affects their mental health. is very important to address this challenge to the community as they might go through Bad mental health. As mental health affects how we feel,think and act.

What have you learned about the challenge that you didn't know before?

2a “40% of men will not talk about their mental health” this has made me feel as if men need to speak up more and not to try to hold it in and be manly. 2b. Yes, getting a hero in this topic has helped us out alot and taught us a lot about our hero and the struggles he has gone through. 2c before i didn't really know much about mental health and now i have learnt how badly it can affect someone's life. 2d.The problem with Mental health is that they commit suicide and end their lives and

Outline the specific problem you would like to solve for your Hero and two or three solutions you think would help.

3a.Our hero is Ethan Payne, They have depression because of their size and weight. 3b.The hero wanted to kill himself due to his weight but now he has been grinding in the gym to lose all the weight that he has put on so he loves his body more and his goal for the future is to run the London Marathon, This affects their daily life on what he can and cannot do. 3c. You could hit the gym to lose the weight that you have and enjoy your body then and also play more sports. 4a.NO there are no problems that our group doesn't understand. 4b.No we have been provided with lots of resources to research about our problem. 4c.No we don't need any inspiration as google has lots of information on Mental Health. 4d.Yes we do have a number of ideas about solving the topic. 4e. No, we don't feel overwhelmed or stuck and we don't need help. 4f. Yes, we would like to hear more about this issue. Empathy Map Ethan Payne Our hero is Ethan Payne, he struggles with his mental health.Ethan said he wanted to take his own life his Dad left him when he was 13 due to drug addiction and debt. Ethans main problem was his weight as he was cyber bullied about his weight. He lost all his confidence and then started drinking. Solutions Ethan could engage in more physical activities to lose weight. It could help his confidence and make him

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