Team Awesome – Presentation Secondary School Kilkenny
Team Name

Team Awesome – Presentation Secondary School Kilkenny

Our Chosen Challenge

Challenge 4 – Diversity & Inclusion



School Name

Presentation Secondary School, Loughboy, Kilkenny


james thomson

Team Members
wiktoria hybs lorena vujcic

Why as a team did you choose to focus on this challenge?

we think it is a very important topic and it has to be made awer of

What do you know now about the challenge that you didn't know before?

From our research, we have found out that the amount of people that suffer from discrimination is much greater than we initially thought.

What have you learnt about your Hero?

our hero faces challanges that correlate with our idea

If you could improve one thing for your Hero what would that be?

we willl help them feel safer in thier comunity

Do you have any ideas for a potential solution? No matter how raw, share them with your Mentors for feedback.

we will create a service in which a person feels safe to share their past stories and hopefully create a comminity of people who feel safe and are happy with who they are and they can feel they're not alone

Ask your Mentor anything …. This is a chance to ask your Mentors a direct question relating to your Big Idea.

"do you think our idea may work out?" "If you put the work in I don't see why it wouldn't work."