Team bosses – St Leos College
Team Name

Team bosses – St Leos College

Our Chosen Challenge

Challenge 5 – Mental Health


Digital Experience

School Name

St Leo's College, Dublin Road, Carlow


Mitz hosey

Team Members
Nadia and Kate

Why as a team did you choose to focus on this challenge?

We chose this topic to focus on because it’s really common to struggle with ur mental health at our age and not everyone has the option to go to other people or facilities for help. Another reason is because this way we can help connect people with similar problems who can have someone to talk to. Another reason we chose it is because our group members experience this challenge and we didn’t know who to talk with.

What do you know now about the challenge that you didn't know before?

When we looked at statistics and the results of the interviews we carried out with 3rd and 6th years who are exam students they showed that more people struggle with mental heath than we realised. From personal experience people in non exam years also struggle a huge amount with their mental health also .

What have you learnt about your Hero?

We discovered that even celebrities such as Avicci who we chose to study also experienced this issue. This shows that anyone can experience this problem no matter how rich or popular or famous you are it affects everyone. Avicci was a famous artist who struggled with his mental health in secret and in the end he ended up committing suicide.

If you could improve one thing for your Hero what would that be?

If we could improve one thing for our hero we would make more resources available for people struggling with mental health problems who feel they have no one to talk to and help people with similar problems to each other connect so they have someone they don’t know in real life to talk to and hear there similar problems. This could make them feel better about themselves to know someone else is going through the same or similar things.

Do you have any ideas for a potential solution? No matter how raw, share them with your Mentors for feedback.

One solution that we are considering is to make an easy accessible app for teenagers to use to reach out to people struggling with similar problems to them for them to be able to share their problems and help each other cope mentally.

Ask your Mentor anything …. This is a chance to ask your Mentors a direct question relating to your Big Idea.

What features do u think our app should include to enhance the experience of the Users of our app ? What filters should we use in our app to make our app a safer platform ?