The 4 Happy Pills – St Patricks Secondary School Castleisland
Team Name

The 4 Happy Pills – St Patricks Secondary School Castleisland

Our Chosen Challenge

Challenge 5 – Mental Health


Tech Solution

School Name

St. Patrick's Secondary School, College Road, Castleisland, Co. Kerry


Mr.Hurley Mr.Forrest

Team Members
Evan Nash Jamie Curtin Evan Brennan Jack brosnan

Why as a team did you choose to focus on this challenge?

We focused on this challenge because we believe that mental health is an important part in young peoples lives as well as tackling the challenges that people already deal with

What do you know now about the challenge that you didn't know before?

We discovered that during our research that mental health can affect anyone in any way which caused us to change our ideas a few times.

What have you learnt about your Hero?

Our hero is people who suffer from issues both physically and mentally that affects mental health. Which drives us to create a solution to this increasing issue

If you could improve one thing for your Hero what would that be?

Their mental health. This is obvious which is why we decided on this solution. We attempt to make life easier for people with mental issues.

Do you have any ideas for a potential solution? No matter how raw, share them with your Mentors for feedback.

One solution we were thinking on is an app. this app is set to give you reminders to talk to someone or to walk their pets and to become happier with the life you live.

Ask your Mentor anything …. This is a chance to ask your Mentors a direct question relating to your Big Idea.

Is there any ideas for how we can develop the app? How can we utilize this to make it easily accessible to all people?