The golden chippy – 	Lisneal College
Team Name

The golden chippy – Lisneal College

Our Chosen Challenge

Challenge 5 – Mental Health


Tech Solution

School Name

Lisneal College, 70 Crescent Link, Londonderry, NI


Collin Louden

Team Members
Mason Millard, Corey Ross, Luke Hetherington, Adam Bradley

Why as a team did you choose to focus on this challenge?

We chose mental health because we think so many people in the world have something wrong with them so we just want to help them out Also alot of people have mental health and its ruining their life and celebrity's have mental health problems so that's why we want to help and at least 1 person in each of our family's have metal health so we want to cure them and sadly alot of people kill themselves because of very bad metal health so that's why we want to help people with metal health and hopefully we can help them

What do you know now about the challenge that you didn't know before?

from are research we now know how to go and take the problem head on and how to show others how to take a break or how to talk to some one else. Doing this project has helped me and others on how to talk about metal health and feel comfortable around others to show trust and to help people that metal health is one of the biggest problems in the world at the moment it has shown us that 1/3 of the world is dealing with metal heath in 2023 this shows us how big metal health is today.

What have you learnt about your Hero?

Our hero is Leonardo DiCaprio because he suffers from OCD when DiCaprio said that some of his obsessions included stepping on every chewing gum stain when walking along something which caused major delays on set.

If you could improve one thing for your Hero what would that be?

quality of life

Do you have any ideas for a potential solution? No matter how raw, share them with your Mentors for feedback.

to up the meds

Ask your Mentor anything …. This is a chance to ask your Mentors a direct question relating to your Big Idea.

why does someone with metal health take meds?