The Real Deel – Desmond College
Team Name

The Real Deel – Desmond College

Our Chosen Challenge

Challenge 1 – Climate Change


Tech Solution

School Name

Desmond College, Station Road, Gortboy, Newcastle West, Co. Limerick


Donal Enright

Team Members
Ronya Sparling Rebecca Moloney

Why as a team did you choose to focus on this challenge?

We chose to focus on climate change as a challenge because we want to make a difference no matter how big or small to our environment. We can see just how much climate change is affecting the Earth and humans are one of the main causes of this. Humans are constantly polluting the Earth by throwing plastic and rubbish into the oceans and on the side of roads and we want to reduce that even if it only makes a small difference.

What do you know now about the challenge that you didn't know before?

From our research we discovered that it can take up to 1,000 years for a simple plastic bottle to decompose.

What have you learnt about your Hero?

Our town community are always looking at ways to help keep our community and environment clean. They inspired us to try and do something that makes a difference.

If you could improve one thing for your Hero what would that be?

Promote using biodegradable materials/products on social media so people are more aware that they are better for the environment.

Do you have any ideas for a potential solution? No matter how raw, share them with your Mentors for feedback.

One solution we are considering is testing out different materials to see which one would break down the fastest and consider making products using that material if possible.

Ask your Mentor anything …. This is a chance to ask your Mentors a direct question relating to your Big Idea.

Would you consider buying cups, etc made from a biodegradable and more sustainable material instead of plastic.