The Musketeers

The Musketeers

Ringsend College

Team Leader
Elizabeth Mulvey

Team Members

Elizabeth Mulvey
Kaci Cullen
Sean Doyle Martin
Craig O’Neill
Eric Kiely
Abbi Boyne
Ella Doyle
Jack O’Sullivan
Kyle Kelly
Reagan Tucker
Rihanna Sanni
Tammi Glynn
Zoe Hanney

  • Challenge 2 – Mental Health
Your Mentors
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  • Kevin Dowling

    Global head of partner solutions architecture

  • Mary Clare Byrne

    Global Finance Operations Leader

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  • Darragh Lane

    Customer Advocacy Manager

  • Glyn Griffiths

    Sustainability Innovation Consultant

  • Neasa Egan

    Wearables Designer

  • Hannah McLoughlin

    Policy Strategist

Our Final Project The B!G Idea